First for Five - Trial Class Pass

We seriously hope you dig your first class! If you’re unsure which class is best to try first, check out the class descriptions or get in touch with the team for some recommendations.

After you first class, don’t leave the studio without collecting your Intro Voucher to receive some special deals on our Intro Passes so you can continue your yoga journey.

If you are new to yoga, you might like to check this out as well for some information on what to expect and how to prepare for your first class.

Intro Pass - Ten Days Unlimited

Your ten consecutive days of yoga is designed to immerse you in the experience of having yoga as a companion to your life. It affords you the chance to feel out the studio, try our classes, meet our teachers and begin to connect with your inner journey.

You might like to start today by sitting for five minutes or so and writing down a brief intention for the ten days ahead. Make a realistic commitment depending on your schedule. Take a look at the timetable and identify the classes that will work for you. If you plan to attend five classes, circle seven so you have a back up plan ready.

Tips to help you get to class:

    1. Get your yoga gear ready the night before or when you feel motivated. Motivation has a tendency to show up at the wrong time so make the most of it when it’s there and prepare!
    2. Book your spot for the classes you want to attend ahead of time and schedule them in to your day.

Explorer Pass - One Month Unlimited

You've taken a positive step forward by committing to yoga for the next 30 days and we are so happy to be part of your journey towards health and happiness!

Here in the studio, we believe yoga is more than the shapes we make on our mat - it's a lifestyle. Over the next 30 days you're invited to immerse yourself in the practice and make this a time of transformation, insight and connection.

During your pass, try to explore the many classes we have on offer as well as begin to tune into the difference in your body and energy. Do as many classes as you can during this 30 days, but ensure you rest when you need to.

To compliment your time in the studio, we’ve put together a beautiful Intro Journal to guide you into a deeper understanding of the true nature of yoga. Each week there is a different focus to complement your asana practice in the studio. Your journal will help you set an intention, motivate you and keep you focused and on track with weekly and daily check-ins. Your next steps:

  • Collect your journal on your next visit to the studio.

  • Use your journal to plan the next 4 weeks ahead, set goals and rewards and stay focused. There are some hints and tips inside to help you succeed!

  • Define exactly what you want to get out of your introductory period and your yoga practice.

  • Ensure you plan to try a variety of classes and teachers at different times of day to see what works for you and your body.

Bodhi Body Journal.png