Why Yoga?

The short answer: it makes life better and it feels great. Simple.

The longer answer: well, where do we start? Yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. However, the practice of our postures (or asanas) has a big, beautiful list of benefits associated. Such as:

  • improved circulation

  • balanced nervous and endocrine systems

  • a greater sense of confidence and self esteem.

  • better balance

  • improved flexibility

  • increase in strength

  • physical alignment

  • combating anxiety and stress (big one!)

  • calmer mind, better focus

  • oh, and it's fun and feels amazing

Would you like more of these things in your life? What's that? Did you say "fo shizzle!?". Mmmm us too. 

Yoga has the potential to evolve you - mind, body and spirit. If you allow, yoga can show you the way out of stress, lack and dissatisfaction back to your true state, your true potential - happiness. 

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
— Albert Einstein

yoga for your mind

You may not even realise the rate at which thoughts are racing through your mind. Why is this undesirable? When our mind is busy reliving past regrets or is stuck in the future with worry and uncertainly, we are removed from the present moment. It's in the magic of the present moment that life happens and through the gift of presence you discover a sense of freedom that filters into all aspects of your life.

Your hour on the mat gently guides you into the present and creates an awareness of the sneaky monkey mind. You come to realise you are not your thoughts, your reactions or your emotions. In fact the real you is a glowing, gracious, loving spirit that sees the world as a playground for gratitude and joy. How can making shapes on a mat possibly do this you ask? Well, yoga helps you find the 'gap' - the place between events or thoughts and your reaction to them. The gap is where the 'real you' resides. When you are able to get into the gap, you can not only control the way you react to the world around you but start to create the reality you truly desire.

The side effects? A calmer mind, a sense of self-awareness, less judgement and more compassion for your self and others. Not to mention changing your brain. Uh what? Psychiatrist Marlynn Wei in this Huffington Post article explains that:

"People with more yoga experience had brain volumes typical for much younger people. In other words, yoga could protect your brain from shrinking as you get older. The protection of gray matter brain volume is found mostly in the left hemisphere, the side of your brain associated with positive emotions and the relaxation response. Emotions like joy and happiness have exclusively more activity in the left hemisphere of the brain on positive emission tomography (PET) brain scans. The left hemisphere is also linked to the parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest and digest” network responsible for relaxation."

Downward Dog anyone?


yoga to transform your body

Unfortunately, modern life can play havoc with the health of our bodies. If you've done any time sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day, week in week out, you'll know what we mean. Not only that, but the pace of life these days can cause anxiety and stress in many of us. Did you know that when you are stressed you can stop absorbing nutrients from your food? I know right. Stress is B A D. 

The truth is we nearly all have something in our bodies that needs balancing - whether it's flexibility, strength, stress or systems (circulatory, endocrine, digestive, nervous and more). Perhaps even stuck emotions causing pain that need release. Yoga knows how to address the issues in the tissues to benefit and balance all aspects of your physical and emotional bodies. 

And when it comes to anxiety and stress, the greatest gift of yoga is understanding and learning how to identify and address which part of your nervous system is activated. Recognising when you are stressed and employing tools to calm the mind and body means better digestion, better sleep, an increase in self-confidence and will generally make you more fun to hang out with. 

We should warn you though. Your physical body may have a reaction to practicing yoga. Symptoms may include more toned arms and legs, a stronger core, superior balance and a sense of freedom throughout your body you have never experienced before.

Oh and don't forget the fuzz. Fuzz builds up inbetween the layers of fascia in your body as you sleep. Fuzz makes you feel stiff and restricted. To melt fuzz, you need to move. We really can't explain this well but we know a smart boffin who can in this videoWarning - there are lots of gross images of the inside of dead bodies. Ugh. If that makes you feel queasy, don't watch - just listen. Or watch and faint, it's up to you. 


yoga to nourish your spirit

The practice of yoga postures (asanas) was originally intended to prepare the body to sit still in meditation. And through meditation achieve Samadhi (enlightenment). Today's yoga has detoured a little - we in the West have a curious infatuation with the practice of the postures. And let's face it, we need it in today's world where we are so sedentary and plagued with shortened hip flexors and lower back pain. So although achieving enlightenment might not be top of our list (perhaps somewhere above organising superannuation and below cleaning out the beer fridge), the spiritual aspect of yoga and the asanas are deeply connected. 

Many beautiful people start yoga for the physical benefits but stay for the self-exploration that emerges as you continue to practice. Every time you step onto your mat is an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of and connection to yourself, a sense of contentment, a feeling of purpose. It's a safe, nurturing place where you can confront the fears that hold you back and discover the courage to let go and grow. Yoga can elevate you into a space where you feel the confidence, trust and passion to leap into your life and build your wings on the way down. 

Your mat is ready and waiting…….