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Qi Gong and Shaolin Movement

An introduction to the ancient art of Daoist Qi Gong with local expert Rod McShane.

The ancient Chinese art of Qigong incorporates physical postures, movements, focused intention and breathing techniques. It is know to influence dimensions of our being that are not part of traditional exercise. Emphasis is placed on the meridian system with mindful intent and breathing.

The word Qi (chee) refers to the universal energy that travels through all things and is commonly referred to as “vital energy” or “life force”. The second part of the word, Gong (gung) means to cultivate a skill through continual practice. In essence it is the practice of cultivating life force energy to bring numerous health benefits.

In this workshop we'll also explore Shaolin Movement, encompassing 5 animals and 5 elements- feel the growth, shape and movement of the dragon!

This practice incorporating gentle, rhythmic movements is accessible to all levels and ages and no experience is necessary. Come along and experience this ancient art!

Members $20 | Non Members $25

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