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*Silent Yoga Headphones Option

Please ensure you arrive at the studio 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time. This allows you to settle into the space, maybe have some tea and get freshened up with our foot cleaner and face mist before you head through the curtain and take your mat…..

Bookings Recommended for all classes as we have limited places available.

Bookings must be cancelled 1 hour before the start time. If you book and don’t attend, a unicorn will die…. well not really, thank goodness. But stuff will go down as per terms and conditions which is also sad.

If you would like to purchase a pass or membership and/or book a class, clicking the button below will open a new tab where you can see the live timetable, make purchases, book classes and manage your account online.


our classes

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vinyasa vibes

sixty to seventy five minutes

all levels

A creative, uplifting continuous flow of poses to awaken your body and still yoru mind. Longer holds with a focus on alignment and movement to breath. Say hello to your core, love your hamstrings. Perfect for building strength, focus and a little heat. Come to strengthen, lengthen and embody the union of power and grace.


ebb and flow

Sixty minutes

All levels

Breathe, bend, open. A mellow flow to make you glow. Movement to breath, gentle postures and a slower pace help the world outside fade away as you go within. Perfect for beginners and any souls in need of a nurturing, supportive practice. Join Ebb and Flow to expand, stretch and come back to your centre. 


soul space

sixty minutes

all levels

silent yoga option

Come home, close your eyes and open your body. A nurturing yin practice that transforms you from the inside out. All you need to do is breathe, allow and receive. Supportive, restorative, transformational. Come to balance out your power flow, unwind and find freedom in your body and soul. Silent Yoga headphones are offered in this class to deepen your practice.


soul flow

sixty minutes

all levels

silent yoga option

Flowing, opening, lengthening moves with a focus on breath combined with long hold yin poses. A cross between our Ebb and Flow and Soul Spaces classes. A nourishing and soulful practice to open your body and expand your connection. Perfect to lengthen, restore and when you need a nurturing opening practice. Silent Yoga headphones are offered in this class to deepen your practice.


vinyasa soul

sixty minutes

all levels

Move your body, open your soul. A cross between our Vinyasa Vibes and Soul Space classes. Perfect for a Friday and the end of a long week. Flow away tightness in the body from desks, driving and the daily grind. Then uplift the soul and open up hips, shoulders and spine on the earth as we finish with nourishing yin poses. Come to transition from the week that's been and to fill up your cup for the weekend ahead.



forty-five to sixty minutes

all levels

silent yoga option

Pranayama (breath), meditation, relaxation and stillness... a deeper understanding of yoga awaits. Learn meditation, practice stillness in the body and mind and find a connection to yourself and your essence. Restorative, transformational. Come to unify and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


 silent yoga


 Have you tried our indulgent and immersive silent yoga headphones? The name is a bit misleading. It’s not really silent - we use a carefully crafted playlist designed specifically for the class to guide you deeply and immersively into your practice. You’ll also hear the teacher’s instructions right in your ear so you can stay fully present in your own space. What is silent is the outside world…. and perhaps your mind as you go deep within.

Our funky headphones are designed specifically for yoga - they are comfy and snug and won’t move around when you do. How quiet or loud you want the music and instruction is up to you - volume control is at your fingertips. And if the experience is not for you, that’s fine. Wearing the headphones is optional - you’ll still hear the music and teacher’s instructions as normal if you choose not to wear them.

The Silent Yoga experience is offered in all our Soul Space classes as well as Soul Flow and some Rejuvenate classes on Wednesdays.