Studio Update - October

Hello October! Hello Sunshine and longer days! The energy feels a little lighter and the days are becoming brighter. And we have yoga. What's not to love?

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Timetable Changes

Double Trouble Monday’s are on from next week with Tegan taking over both the 5pm Vinyasa Vibes and the 6.30pm Soul Space!

Tuesday morning Vinyasa Vibes is now with new teacher Tom Henry (see below!).

Angelique is taking over the Saturday 4pm Ebb and Flow.

Amber picks up the 5.30pm Vinyasa Soul on Friday nights (with an added twist - see What’s On!)


New Teacher - Tom Henry

Introducing Tom. Tom has a background in Personal Training and Crossfit, as well as an Honours Degree in Psychology and Sport Science. Like many of us, he found yoga following an injury which opened him up to a whole new perspective on health and Fitness. Tom also spent time in the Armed Forces back in his native UK. Basically what we’re saying here is that Tom is pretty interesting! He’s also a wonderful teacher and we are so happy to have him on the team, so come and meet him in the studio! You can read more about Tom here!

New Class

As we get set for Summer, we are introducing a Vinyasa Vibes class at 7.30am on Monday mornings. This will be taken by Tom. So if you’re keen to see more classes at this time, come along to support this class and start your week with energy and enthusiasm! Starts Monday 21st October.

You can read the full timetable here!


Saturday October 12th we will be at YogaFest at Venue 114 in Kawana. We have a stall there alongside teacher Tegan who will be there with her beautiful shop Soul Quartz. It’s free to come and browse the stalls so pop in and say Hi if you’re about!


Friday 25th October - The last Friday of each month Vinyasa Soul will now be transformed into Silent Disco Yoga! Yup, it's finally happening. Each month we will have some fun with a different era or theme. And what better way to kick it off than with the 1980s! Still at 5.30pm. Get ready to have some fun busting out some yoga moves to some seriously uplifting tunes! Book as you would for regular classes.


Saturday 26th October at 9.30 am will be an Arm Balancing workshop with Marcus. Are you ready to explore, grow your practice and go a little deeper? Join Marcus as he shares the techniques to help you navigate this challenging side of your asana practice with mindfulness and ease.More details, prices and bookings on the Events page.


Wednesday 30th October - as October has five Wednesdays and we only have four Rejuvenate experiences, we’ll be adding a Guided Meditation Journey to music taken by Amber on the extra Wednesday. Tying in with our theme of the month non-attachment, get ready to release, relax and restore as you journey and connect deeply within. Book as you would for regular classes!


At the beginning of November we will be holding a Qi Gong and Shaolin Movement workshop with local expert and martial artist Rod McShane. Qi Gong (similar to Tai Chi) is an amazing practice working with your energy and focus. It is very gentle on the body, building strength and heat and stretching deeply in a subtle, nourishing way. We’ll have more info up on the Events page of our website shortly!


This month we are exploring the last Yama, Aparigraha. Translated as non-attachment, non-hoarding or non-gripping, this Yama encourages us to let go….. of attachments, of possessions, of clutter, in the physical environment as well as in your body and mind. This can mean a spring clean or cleanse, or perhaps looking at where in your life can you be happy with less. On the mat, it’s a chance to look at your practice and your habits around yoga - do you always take the same mat or place in the studio perhaps? Do you feel you need to achieve a certain depth in your poses? Time to explore all this and more through October.

Amber Rivalland