Recipe of the Month - July

Bernie’s Mauritian Vegetable Curry


1 Tbs rice bran oil

1/4 Tsp yellow mustard seeds

1/4 Tsp cumin seeds

1 large onion - diced up

2-3 cloves garlic - mashed up with mortar and pestle or chopped fine

1 knob ginger - prep with the garlic

1-2 Tbs curry powder (Clive of India brand is Bernie’s go-to). 2 Tbs will be hot so don’t go there unless you’re a little hardcore like that.

2 Cups filtered water

1 400g tin of chopped tomatoes or tomato puree/pasata

3 medium potatoes. Chopped up - you can keep them a little chunky, but don’t be silly about it.

1 medium carrot. Prep same as your spuds.

1 medium zucchini also diced up.

250g cauliflower florets chopped smallish

250g broccoli florets chopped smallish

Salt and pepper to taste.

White or Brown rice on the side.

Let’s make curry


Get your rice on first. Especially if you want brown rice because it takes AGES if you have a rice cooker like Bernie’s. I mean you really have to plan ahead with that thing.


Heat your oil in a large pot over medium heat and add the mustard seeds. Cook these tasty little guys carefully - just until you hear them starting to ‘pop’. Then remove the pan from the heat briefly while you add the cumin seeds. Allow them to warm through for about 10 seconds or so.

Add your onion to the pan and get it back on the heat. Allow the onions to soften up for a few minutes, then add your garlic and ginger. This is not a good time to answer the phone or play a round of Pet Rescue on your iphone. This stuff will burn quick so watch it and allow it to cook for about a minute. Keep the heat nice and gentle. I know you’re probably hungry, but be present and enjoy the journey of cooking.

Mix the curry powder into one cup of warm water, then add this to your onion mix. Now it’s starting to smell real good. Reduce for around 2 mins.

Add the tomatoes or puree and your salt and pepper to taste. Cook down for around 5 minutes on a medium heat with the lid on.

Add your potatoes and cook for around 5 minutes.

Add the rest of your veggies and another cup of water. Cook down until all your veggies are tender. Taste test for salt and pepper and add more if you like.

Once the veggies are to your liking, serve it up with rice. Unless you put brown rice on, in which case you may as well go and have a nice bath, watch a movie and then you should be just about good to go.

*You can really add whatever veggies you like best! And add a little more or less water depending on how saucy you like it.

Amber Rivalland