Studio Update - July

Reading is so yesterday. Our monthly updates are now a short video, so grab your superfood latte and catch up on the news the easy way!

What’s inside:

Thanks to all men who participated in our Men’s Health Week campaign. A Special Offer is inside if you’re keen to continue your relationship with yoga.

Coming up on Saturday 20th July our Awakening Aphrodite workshop with Corinne from Wholehearted Living. This stunning workshop is for women only to reconnect with your divine feminine and come home to yourself. You can find the details on our events page.

If you haven’t been to our new Rejuvenate class with Marcus, now is the time. Come along to learn meditation, breath work, chanting, mantra and a little yoga nidra. Wednesdays at 6.30pm. Read more about our classes here.

Our theme of the month is the second of Patanjali’s Yoga Yamas - Satya (truthfulness).

Oh and don’t forget Bernie’s recipe of the month - Mauritian Vegetable Curry. Yummy and comforting for Wiinter

Amber Rivalland