Recipe of the Month - June

Bernie’s Winter Warmer Lentil and Veggie Soup


For the broth

1 Tbs rice bran or oil

1 medium onion - dice it up

2 cloves garlic - crush it up or chop it fine if you have the patience

1 knob ginger - about the size of your thumb. Prep the same as the garlic

1 large carrot - diced nice and small

1 stick celery - also diced nice and small. Remember to inhale and exhale slowly and be present as you chop everything up nice and fine.

Bunch of parsley - guess what? Chop it up fine.

Salt and pepper

About 4 cups filtered water. Hey, it’s lentil soup, not chlorine soup.

The lentil part

2 cups green lentils. There is way more flavour and texture in the raw lentils vs tinned ones. But these suckers are hard, so you either need a pressure cooker or to be really prepared and soak your lentils overnight. If you don’t have raw lentils grab 2 x 400g tins.

4 cups of that nice filtered water

Salt - a good pinch.

Let’s make soup

Prepare the lentils

Place the lentils, water and salt in the pressure cooker for around 12 minutes.

Or if you’ve gone the quick/unprepared version, open up your tins and rinse. Try not to strain yourself here, there’s no rush.


In a large pot, heat the oil and cook up your onion until it’s nice and soft. Don’t burn it. Floaty bits of black onion don’t look nice in your soup. Then add your carrot and celery and cook it all down for about five minutes. Now you can add your garlic and ginger and sprinkle in some salt and pepper to taste. If you’re Mauritian like Bernie, you’ll probably put a truck load of pepper in. Cook for about a minute. Seriously, challenge yourself not to burn the garlic. Now add the water and parsley, simmer, and go play with the dog for about 15 minutes.

Once the lentils are cooked (or your tins are open), add them to your broth and stir it all together. Add some more salt and pepper if you like. If you have used tinned lentil, you may need to add some more water - just use your judgement and get it as thick or as soupy as you like. Serve up with some nice organic sourdough from the farmers market.

Amber Rivalland