March - Finding Purpose

Our theme last month was Living a Heart Centred life. You may have heard us talk during practice about what this means for each of us as teachers or inspiration we have gained to help us in our own lives. We explored the concept of dropping out of the head space and into the heart space. One of the game-changing concepts for many who find their way to yoga, is the notion of feeling your way forward in life rather than thinking your way forward. As we reconnect with our bodies, this becomes easier to do.

The theme for March is Finding Purpose.  This is a great follow through from last month’s theme as finding your purpose or finding meaning in life is certainly the work of the heart and not the head. Finding your path to a truly purposeful life is one of those problems that can’t be solved with your rational mind. You have to FEEL your way into this one. So it’s great we have some practice in listening to our heart’s message already!

Finding purpose in your life can be easy for some, and for others (myself included) an epic, aching, fluctuating journey that never seems to end. If you are feeling lost in your life, stuck in a job you hate or searching for a deeper meaning in the every day, you may relate to this topic. When you constantly feel you are meant to be doing something else or are not living your full potential, the need to find purpose can be like a cloud that follows you everywhere – even shadowing the joyful moments in life like a delicious, well-deserved holiday.  If you are one of the souls on Earth feeling this way, you’ll know that it doesn’t go away (*exhausted sigh).

There are many books you can read, courses you can take and exercises you can perform to help you identify your aptitude or what you love to do. And perhaps how to turn this into a career.  However, today, I invite you take a different perspective on Purpose and what it really means. 

If you are feeling stuck, asking “what should I do?” or “what is my purpose?”, firstly consider why you are asking the question.

The answer, you may say, is obvious. You want to be happy, enjoy your life and do something meaningful. Perhaps the answer is a little different for you. But take a moment here to really think about why you are asking the question.

What we may find when we explore this question is the presence of a belief that happiness can only come when we are doing something we came to do. We can’t rest until we know what we should be doing.

In some ways, this idea, this nudge from the soul that knows you came to express yourself in a certain way, is okay. That restless feeling keeping you moving forward to fulfill your potential is not a bad itch. It’s how you scratch it that counts.

Have you perhaps come to attach the notion of purpose with a job or career or something you must ‘do’? It’s easy to fall into this trap, probably because we spend so much of our lives at work, we all want to enjoy this time. So doing a job that means something to us seems like what purpose should be.

But let’s try moving away from the idea that purpose has to be something that you do for a moment and come back to the why. If what we are really looking for by searching for our purpose in the end is joy, contentment, abundance and freedom (or whatever feelings you desire to feel in your life),  perhaps whatever gives us these feelings is the purpose. Your only purpose is to do what gives you joy, makes you feel expansive and abundant and free. If you are able to embrace this, even for a moment (try now!), does it feel liberating? Does it feel light?

If you’re struggling with this notion, check to see if you are sold the idea that you have to ‘hustle’ for what you want. That your purpose should be a dream you need to chase or vision you need to create late at night. That all exploration of purpose must result in the production of something or an achievement of some kind. That to be ‘successful’ you need to be busy and productive.

Let it go. Try allowing the concept of simply doing joyful things to sit in your body. Notice how you feel.

What this idea connects to is the notion that happiness is an external thing we have to find. Similar to the concept that the possessions we accumulate (houses, cars, electronics) will make us happy, purpose may have become something you need to collect. Come back to yourself, to your emotional architecture and create your purpose from within. Find fulfillment from what’s already inside you, what you already know. Follow what lights you up, let go of what doesn’t. Let feeling good be your purpose.

I know if you are really stuck in a day job you hate, this may not seem like an answer. But if you can trust the process, you might find when your intention and energy shift to appreciating the moments that make you feel good, you’ll attract more of what makes you feel good. If the job you are doing is not one of those things, the Universe will help you align your life if you allow. It won’t happen through resistance or trying to think your way out. But if you focus on your feelings, you will begin to ‘get into vibrational alignment’ with your true self.

So join us in the studio throughout March to explore this notion a little more and spend time reconnecting to the wisdom within you.






Amber Rivalland