February - Living a Heart Centred LIfe

It's been a big month, but here we are in February! Throughout January, we explored how being intentional beats setting resolutions and how we can shed what we no longer need in order to make space in our being for new intentions to manifest. We hope you enjoyed bringing some awareness to what may be holding you back and have had success with setting intentions for the year ahead!

This month in the studio our theme is Living a Heart Centred Life. This idea can mean many things, and you're invited to firstly contemplate what this statement really means to you.

One thing we learn through our yoga practice is how to reconnect to the innate wisdom and intuition in our bodies. We breathe, move, listen and find there is more to us than the endless thoughts tumbling around up there in our heads.

Living a heart centred life includes making decisions based on how they feel, rather than what we think is rational or realistic. When you are facing a decision, consider letting your awareness drop out of the (often frantic) energy of your head space, down into the (calm, steady, knowing) heart space. Notice when you have to make a choice in life, which pathway forward feels joyful and expansive, and which feels hard and constrictive. Are we authentic enough to let joy and truth guide us rather than fear and expectation?

Understanding how we want to feel versus what we want to have or achieve can truly help you move forward with clarity and excitement.

This is just one aspect to a heart centred life - there is lots to explore! So join us on the mat to expand and balance your heart chakra and perhaps even gain some insight into living from a different place.


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Amber Rivalland