January - Resolutions versus Living with Intention

Often at this time of year we find ourselves making a long list of resolutions for the shiny new year. How often do you achieve everything on that list? It all seems like a good idea when the excitement and openness of a fresh year full of possibilities is laid at your feet. But when the routines and demands of life begin to take hold again, how long until the resolutions are cast aside?

The problem with resolutions is that they are often rigid demands that we don't have the right motivations or energy behind to achieve. Then when we let them fall to the wayside, we feel like a failure. Cue guilt and shame.

This year, consider setting intentions instead of making resolutions. What's the difference? A resolution is a dedication to resolve a problem in our selves or our lives. They often have a negative driver - we are not good enough in some way. An intention however, is a desire to change the way we live and feel from the inside out. An intention carries with it focused awareness and energy and has purpose and meaning. Living an intentional life means creating, connecting and manifesting our deepest purpose. Sounds better doesn't it? Besides, you are not a problem to be solved, you are a unique, special and connected being!

Here are our top three tips for setting intentions:
1)  Find out what really motivates you. If you want to run a half marathon, explore why before you commit to it. Is it something you truly desire on a deep level or does it seem like a great way to achieve acceptance and please others? If your motivations are deeply aligned with your authentic self, you'll have more drive to live and nurture your commitment.
2)  Explore how you want to feel vs how you want to be. Instead of I want to lose 5kg, declare I want to feel amazing in my body!
3)  Write them down. Studies show you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they are out of your head and on paper! For real. Maybe now is a great time to start a journal!

We'll be exploring all of this more in the studio throughout January! Perhaps set an intention make yoga part of your self-care routine this year!

See you on the mat :-)