About bodhi body

awaken to the true potential of your being

Our passion is holding a beautiful space for you to move, grow and get energised about life. 

At Bodhi Body, we believe everyone has within them the potential to live a happy, purposeful and healthy life. And what a beautiful place the world would be with more happy, conscious souls wandering the earth, don't you think? That's something we wanted to be a part of, and we knew the way.... yoga! So we started Bodhi Body to share the simple but profound awakening journey of movement, breath and focus. 

  Our style of yoga is based on a traditional hatha vinyasa practice, flavoured with a carefully crafted blend of funky tunes and flowing moves to bring a special sense of joy to your modern life here on the Sunshine Coast. We provide the inspiration, friendly vibes and a commitment to you walking out the door feeling connected, expanded and uplifted. You provide the open mind, open heart and desire to transform


Why Practice With Us?

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility is being superior to your former self.
— Ernest Hemingway

meet the team


our studio

Our studio is a little bit different.

We wanted to create a space that was more than just a place to do yoga…. we wanted to create a nurturing sanctuary for your practice. Everything in the studio is pure, natural and made with love and care - for the planet and for you.

Step inside, freshen up with our natural foot cleaner and face mist, sip some tea and then head to your mat. Everything you need for a fun, uplifting and expansive practice is laid out for you from mats and props to delicious lavender eye pillows - no need to bring a thing!

We sourced the most eco-friendly, natural and all round spesh things for your space…. from our divine rubber and jute mats made by Byron Bay company Second Earth, to our locally handmade bolsters from Happy Heart Yoga, and our all time favourite divine and pure beeswax candles from Northern Light.

We also keep our class sizes small. This way we can ensure you receive guidance and encouragement to grow your practice and improve. If that’s not for you, fear not. We use a specially derived token system that allows you to indicate to your teacher on the day whether you’re happy to be assisted or would prefer to practice privately.

If you have any questions about the space, let us know. Otherwise we’d love to see you there!